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Business Owners

Growing a business is a difficult undertaking today as business owners must confront a myriad of tax laws and regulations while trying to effectively create products or services, manage their employees, develop and cultivate clients, and do so profitably.


As the cost of a college education continues to rise, outpacing the rate of inflation, it is becoming beyond the reach of most people unless they have planned early on. For people starting a college savings plan today, questions arise as to the best way to save.


Managing your finances is an important component to any financial security plan. Along with the protection offered through insurance and the goal setting provided by investment choices, money management strategies help you have the retirement of your dreams.

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Specializing in planning in the following areas:

  • Lifestyle Protection
  • Life Insurance
  •  Disability insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Individual Health and Dental Coverage
  • Lifetime Savings
  • Retirement Savings Planning
  • Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • Registered Education Savings Plans
  • Registered Disability Plans

Drummond Brown, CLU, CH.F.C.

Expertise in planning extends from the kitchen table to the boardroom table, incorporating a very comfortable, collaborative style of conducting business.

  • Been in the financial services business for over 40 years

  • Member of Advocis, the national association of financial and life insurance advisors.

  • Holds the designation of Chartered Life Underwriter

  • Has held executive positions in not only industry organizations, but community services as well. 


Define and Protect

Establish a plan that addresses immediate and long-term needs.


Goal Setting & Milestone Assessment

Identify and customize your financial objectives.


Review & Update

Regularly adjust strategies to meet evolving needs.